EXPRESSIMOAUDIOS Brass Rega End Stub with Ultra Fine Adjustment ON THE FLY. A Killer for All Rega Tonearms

$ 99.95

Reasons for buying the BEST
Makes sure you have your volume turned up.
Listen to the difference between the
Steel End Stub and the NEW BRASS END STUB
Harmonics is the KEY POINT HERE.
Youtube Video

Youtube Video

This End Stub will fit ALL RegaTonearms.
The Outside Diameter of the End stub is .500.
The Original Half Moon Heavy Weight will fit.
Check here to look at the Half Moon Heavy Weights  

What is heard is the opening of the sound stage. Instrument separation. Sound stage gets deeper. Sound stage becomes wider. The Harmonics of the Instruments sound REAL. These are the things you can accomplish with the Ultra Fine End Stub. The details of the MUSIC are in the ULTRA FINE ADJUSTMENT of VTF.

EXPRESSIMOAUDIO brings you another Innovation for Rega arms.
Now offering the solid brass adjustable end stub.
You now can have HIGH END upgrades on the REGA Arm.
When you combine the brass stub with our brass “ Half  Moon Weight " you will find the difference between stock and our upgrades staggering.

Tolerances are - .001 / + Nothing

Be the first ONE to have the BEST thing to hit the REGA AFTER MARKET.
Expressimoaudio has been designing HIGH END arms like the GOLD MONGOOSE.
In our research to make the ultimate arm (our Mongoose tonearm) we developed an adjustable end stub. The next progression for the arm that put us on the map was to make a similar device for Rega arms.

REGA Lovers can dial your tracking force with just a 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or a full turn. You can HEAR .010 to .030 of a gram tracking force difference.
One full turn is .030 of a Gram

Cartridge Weight works like this:
Cartridges 6 to 10 gm, Moon Weight 120
Cartridges 10 to 14 gm, Moon Weight 140
Cartridges 14+  Moon Weight 160

You can find the Half Moon Counter Weights here

Lets take time to listen to the old end stub first.
Take your old end stub off.
Screw the BRASS End Stub on tightly with your fingers.
You set the adjustment all the way forward.
Gently, very gently lock the 2 nuts.
they should move together and be snug NOT TIGHT.
Now look at your cartridge Instructions and see what the tracking force is.
1.7 to 1.5
Now set the main Heavy Weight to 1.6 .
Now unscrew a Half turn and listen. Do it again ,as you unscrew the 2 nuts you will notice the sound stage becomes more open LEFT and RIGHT and DEEPER. GREATER Separation of instruments. Now Stop and listen for awhile.
Screw in half turn and make sure your happy.
If not keep unscrewing until you find the MAGIC POINT. There is a point.
If you go to far you will find there is too much air. Her voice is too big ( too much air) . Then turn it back in. I like to go too far then dial it back.
It is always good to go to far, so you can hear it an understand the 2 sounds. .
Moving it 1.590 / 1.580 / 1.570 / 1.560 and so on.
Expressimoaudio gives YOU the Power to Dial your Tracking force truly in, like a HIGH END Tonearm ON THE FLY.

Key points: The heavier the tracking force the more bass and centered it will be. The Lighter the tracking force the more HIGHS and wider sound stage.  The happy point is dialing it in so you get BOTH.

Last point: when your happy with the sound always reweigh the tracking force so you can go back to that weight.

Please email pictures and I will post you up on my site.



Customer Feedback
After reading some great reviews I took the plunge & bought the Half Moon Heavyweight brass arm weight by Expressimo Audio from Brian, the owner, to replace the generic Rega RB250 arm weight & plastic stub. It has smaller secondary threaded weights for very fine VTF adjustments.

I'm new to the arm weight changing game, but all I can say is this has made the greatest positive difference to my system, other than upgrading speakers, of any component change I've ever undertaken, much more noticeable than any electronic or cable change. Because I had no idea how great or otherwise the change would be, & knowing the audio memory is short, I decided I'd record some LPs using both the Rega & the Half Moon weight, for quick & easy comparison, to a Korg DSD recorder at 5.6 million samples per second. I recorded the tracks with the Rega weight, then swapped to the Expressimo weight & brass stub.

Instantly, with the weight at the stylus of the Shelter 501 mk 11 cartridge the same, 1.88 grams, the improvement was profound. Much greater lateral & depth of image, more focused midrange, sweeter & more extended highs, tighter bass with no less extension. Just amazing. I listened for hours, unable to stop. The Earthworks Sigma 6.2 speakers, already imaging champs, just about disappeared. Vocalists were right in front of me, in a way I'd never heard, almost holographic. Records I'd been listening to for decades were transformed & yielded new details.

I can't find anything but praise for this product. Expressimo Audio appears to be a one man operation, & Brian Calaio is a good guy. He makes some amazing looking tables too. I'm in Sydney, so was dealing with him by email. At times he misunderstood what I thought were perfectly clear communications, which was frustrating, but we got there. I'd encourage anyone who loves vinyl to check out Expressimo Audio of New Hampshire.

Chris D

Beyond reducing the ringing, your product has other benefits in terms of sound staging (esp depth), image stability, low level detail, bass impact and control, and an overall sense of increased ease and naturalness. Really nice upgrade. I'm surprised it's such a difference for so little money. 


Hey Brian,
I was out of town for the weekend…hadn’t planned it that way but it worked out at the last minute before Thanksgiving. I have heard some distinct improvements in detail and sound staging with the end-stub. I’m perhaps a full .2 of a gram lighter than I was originally and have found a little less weight on classical and jazz helps with the overall tonality and finesse. Highs are more defined, bass is a little less powerful if I go too light and the depth of the soundstage is where I hear the most improvement.

I’ve included a couple of photos I took last week.

Also, Music Direct is having a sale on this VTF gauge – I ordered one this morning.

Thank you Guy





Thank you Dave

I have used Expressemo parts for modifying Rega arms in the past with good results. When they came out with the "Half Moon" weight, I tried it and found it as good or better than anything I have used (and I have tried them all).
They just came out with a brass end stub that you can fine tune the weight with. Brass is known to suppress vibration better than stainless steel... so I wanted to try this out as well. I lugged my Denon 3000 upstairs as it had a RB-250 arm and installed the steel set with the underslung heavy weight. As everyone knows- it sounds better than stock... and it still does- so next I tried the half moon weight in place of the steel heavy weight, it sounded better (better definition and bass). Lastly I installed the brass stub and the half moon together, much to my surprise the well known ringing from the Rega arm was gone! It was like Goldie Locks- just right.
The two sets of stubs/weights

So this is my first stab at a new product review- how did I do? If you have seen any of my projects, you know I like the Rega arms. I am always looking for ways to tweak them. This was a good upgrade.