\Drop Down Brass End Stub with Ultra Fine VTF Adjustment
& Brass Half Moon Counterweight
For VPI Unipivot Tonearms

This Video shows how fast a Unipivot rights itself with the
New Lower Center of Gravity Drop Down Brass End Stub &
Brass Half Moon Counterweight.
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The BENEFIT of a Drop down End Stub and Moon weight.
1. All the MASS weight is below the Male Spike bearing.
2, The UniPivot design is more Stabile with weight below the bearing point.
3. The sound of BRASS
4. The Brass Half Moon Counterweight is designed for Stability.
5. The Brass End Stub has Ultra Fine VTF Adjustment which is Amazing.
6. Just imagine moving your Counterweight without moving Azimuth any more.
Oh the JOY !!!
Now imagine moving VTF in small increments.
1 full turn = .030 thousands of a gram
1/2 turn = .015 thousands of a gram
1/4 turn = .007 thousands of a gram
Example, 1.5 VTF , Unscrew 1 full turn now reads 1.470
1/2 turn = 1.485
1/4 turn = 1.493
You can hear 1/4 turn
Words like, Amazing, Beyond Incredible, It is about time someone did a Mod like this. 
Brian you're a FREAKING GENIUS !!
This is just a small part of the Master Reference KIT     

Now you can adjust VTF in small increments of VTF by moving the 2 nuts together.
What you hear when turning Ultra Fine VTF adjustment is,
When I listen to classical music I unscrew VTF 1/2 maybe 3/8 of a turn.
This will open the sound stage ( left & right ). You have a deeper soundstage.
A little less Bass on a 1/2 turn. Classical music is not Rock & Roll and little less bass is ok in my book.
I am looking for a BIG SOUND STAGE. Plenty of room for all the musicians.

Now turning the VTF in 1/2 will add BASS, A more focused center. Less air.
The Left and Right will be tighter. Tighter sound stage. Clean and Tight is how I call it.
A little less highs.
Try 1/4 turn or 3/8 of a turn.

I have said this million times play around guys.
 Go 1 full turn, see what you hear. Remember 1 full turn is only .030 +/- of a gram.
Remember keep the 2 brass nuts snug, NOT TIGHT, lightly snug.
Moving them together by grabbing both at the same time.

To adjust azimuth, you loosen the top screw in the Delrin plate.
The top screw is where you lock the Delrin plate to your end stub.
You will find that adjusting the Azimuth is easy because all the
mass weight is below the Pivot point , male spike.


You get the Black Delrin Lowering Plate
Brass End Stub with Ultra Fine VTF Adjustment
And Brass Half Moon Counterweight



When you tighten the Brass Moon Weight to the brass end stub it is just lightly snugged up so you can still move it forward and backwards.
If you tighten to tight you will not be able to move the counter weight.

A thing of  BEAUTY

Installation of the Delrin Plate take arm OFF
Side the Drop Down Delrin plate all the way forward.
Center it straight up and down to the arm to start out with.
The Delrin plate is what you will adjust by loosening the top set screw turning it left or right to move Azimuth.
This Adjustment is again easy to do.
You will LOVE this part.