2.7 to 3.5 grams

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For Compliance matching, tonearm to cartridge very important.
 It is the weight of the music.

What is the Weight of the music, the Soul, the feeling of a real voices.
You can hear it in your ears, the harmonic, rich sound.

There are 3 compliances, Light, Medium and Heavy.
Light weight arms go with High Compliance cartridges 20 to 28
Medium weight arms ( Rega 13 gm ) go with med Compliance cartridges 14 to 22
Heavy weight arms go with Low Compliance cartridges 5 to 16


 I did Compliance Testing with the HIFI test record with the VPI 3D 10" tonearm

The videos below show a VPI 3D 10" arm with a Grado Gold cartridge
Compliance of 20 and cartridge weight of 5.5.

You will see what I see and hear, facts and truth about VERY LIGHT tonearms.
When I setup a TT I use 10hz as my starting point and 8 as my ending point.

With the Brass head shell the Frequency Response starts at 10hz ends at 8-7hz

With Brass Head shell

Without the brass head shell starts at 14hz and ends by 8-7hz
almost out of control in the groove

Without Brass Head shell