for the Rega 202, 301, 303, 330, 808 and 3000 style arms.
Will also fit any tonearm with a 13mm end stub or .511 thousands

120 gm 


140 gm


160 gm


You will hear more detail in the music.
Cleaner highs, sweeter mids, ,and deeper bass, Sound stage detail comes alive and a total harmonic balance.
Thatís what the brass Half Moon Heavy Weight will do for you.
The Steel weight can not even come close to the sound you get from the Brass Half Moon Heavy Weight.

Cartridge Weight works like this:
Cartridges 6 to 10 gm, Moon Weight 120
Cartridges 10 to 14 gm, Moon Weight 140
Cartridges 14+  Moon Weight 160

The Half Moon Heavy Weight was designed with two specifics in mind.
A lower mass weight and a linear design for more stability and neutral balance.
Giving the tonearm more neutral balance is key for more natural sounds.

The Half Moon Heavy Weight is made from solid brass with a  brushed finish.
Designed with a Delrin insert for more of a sonic fit, will fit all .508 end stub diameter.
Has a Teflon tipped screw so it does not scratch the end stub.

For the uni-pivot tonearms, what a breeze setting the azimuth with the Half Moon Heavy Weight. Designed with geometry in mind. Expressimo Audio designed the Half Moon Heavy Weight so it had a small amount of weight movement, better linear design for more stability and neutral balance. This is a must have and you should try one.



Custom Half Moon Heavy Weights are available by special order. Email for pricing
Please email the precise measurement of your end stub using a micrometer.
Email with any questions or orders

Customer Views

Dear Brian,

Yes! Half Moon sounds absolutely AMAZING.

Here is my initial considerations and some pictures taken after installation (please excuse any typographical mistake)..

Last saturday a friend of mine just finished listening Tracy Chapman's first album (European release - Elektra 960 774-1 EKT 44). He is a well known Brazilian hi-end cable manufacturer and most of his experience lies to digital sources - reason why he was doubtfull when I showed him counterweight "It is somewhat impossible just this little tweak bring differences!" he said. 

For your knowledgement my Rega P3 turntable (2016 version) was equipped with subplatter, double brass pulley and clear silicone belts from Tango Spinner. As I already said my current cartrigde is a AudioTecnica AT150MLX with about 24 months age. I also use shims to correct VTA (2 pieces made by stainless steel to raise tonearm in 3.5mm).

Before send my first mail to you asked some manufacturers of aftermarket counterweight about the compatibility of his models with RB330 tonearm, and strangely a few did not surely know. I asked you I enjoyed you not only confirm my doubt but promptly provided me the stub diameter - to me a sign that your knows very well what you are offering and you just won my confidence.

The counterweight fitted the original tonearm stub like a glove. It took me about 10 minutes to get the proper horizontal alignment (I used a DIY grid ruler that I made to adjust azimuth in a previous turntable, as Rega does not need this adjust). With Half Moon I was able to place the counterweight 3mm far from the stub thread - exactly as I desired. AT150MLX weights about 9grams with screws set and my counterweight was sit at the end of stub.

The upgraded counterweight brings a huge level of improvement. Firsty the tonal balance increased in both highs and lows frequencies. Body and focus are so much better and natural when listened cymbals and percussion. High notes and decay and textures sounds very clean and in more extended form, as they are kept longer before fading out.

Details of musicians performance themselves are easily perceived - a sign of better trasients and microdynamics. I.E. the shift fingering sounds in "Fast Car" song are full of details the standard counterweight is unable to reveal. 

Vocals lost the small hint of hash/grain which were still in some tracks and the inner groove distortion (which was already very low with Rega's tonearm + AT150MLX) simply disappear.

My friend and I were impressed with all the benefits brought by a simple modification. I do not have another counterweight to compare, but I like yours for the geometry (a perfect half circle gold finish that nicely matches my cartridge) and its unique combination of high grade materials (solid brass decoupled by a Delrin ring). It makes me wonder  Expressimo Audio employed a lot of research and experiments to reach this level of coherence and musicallity.

You should know most Rega users believe the subplatter replace is the most fundamental way to improve Rega entry and mid-level turntable models. IMO the Half Moon counterweight brought at least the same level of improvements but gave some BREATH OF LIFE the subplatter in unable to add into my analog setup. 


Thanks for your contact and assistance. I am looking for new upgrades in the future!


Marcelo E Brazil

Rega 303




Brian, here is a pic of  my deck with your counterweight.
I like the way it adjusts verses the original one.
First listening impression after only of couple albums, tighter bass and some more midrange extension.
Very happy with this mod.