The Original Brass Tonearm Lift

for; Rega, Project, Music Hall, any TT with a Dime size diameter, room enough to mount the LIFT



This is a MUST HAVE!!!
If you ever got up out of the Sweet Spot or just fell asleep.
Or enjoy Dinner party's and
listen to MUSIC while eating or just FORGET .
This is a PRODUCT for YOU.
 It will SAVE your Cartridge ( Stylus ).
The LAST GROOVE is NOT a GOOD Place for your Stylus !!

Stereophile Magazine, Mike Fremer:
"Every Turntable should have ONE! BEST COMPONENT  12 Times !!!!"


Video Instructions



Setup time 7 mins

THE LIFT in Play



Going to post customers Videos below here


Kevin's Video of the LIFT

Chucks Video Project Debut Carbon

Paul's video in UK


 Hi everyone Please look at some beautiful TT
with THE LIFT mounted to the TT
Gives you an idea if the LIFT with mount to your TT
also watch my videos


When you receive THE LIFT it will come with a SMALL Allen Wrench and 3 Small Velcro strips and a square piece of double sided tape.
Peel one side of the double sided tape, stick to the under side of LIFT ( foot ), take a pair of Scissors and cut around the Brass foot. Please take a look at picture for installing the Velcro strips. You will have to cut them to length.

THE LIFT is made out of solid brass.
Made for Platters 1" to 1" 5/8 Tall and Taller.
With a Spacer under the LIFT you can use it on any size platter. Please email me I will make you a Black Delrin Spacer.

If you have a thinner Platter , 3/4 to 1 1/4

The Original LIFT, Lifting power s 3.5 grams to 5.2 grams


Please email with any questions I email back ASAP



The Lift is adjustable for, Tall Platters and for different arm tubes and cartridge weights.
Foot Stand and Head adjustment made simple.

If you need a machined Spacer for 3 or 4 inch tall platters call me






AUDIO MATTERS by Pat Dillion


Positive Feedback review by Gary Beard
Further Fantastic Upgrades (I Didn't Know I Needed)!


New Update using 3 pieces of
Velcro for a Quiet pick up.


Richard in Florida
Video of LIFT
Click here
Analogue Artisan A1 Turntable
12" Gold Mongoose Tonearm
with the Original LIFT
New Update using 3 pieces of Velcro for a Quiet pick up



Mikes Beautiful Thorens TT





VPI Avenger turntable with a Spacer and the LIFT

Video of the LIFT, SWEET




VPI HW-19 mark IV and the tonearm is a Linn Ittok


Chuck's Clearaudio Concept table Video



John F, and his Clearaudio Concept



Gary , Has THE LIFT and the MOON WEIGHT .100 gm / .323 dia end stubI used your advice and used a push pin. My arm has 3 holes in the top too.
It was really simple. Just make sure the nipples don't fly off and get lost! 
I even reinserted one just to make sure it would work if I ever needed to put the old weight back on.

Thanks  Lou




Sam's VPI

Have had the new arm lift for a few days now and the design is second to none especially in its simplicity...heck this thing will last several life times!   Very nice looking as well.


Mammoth Lakes, Ca.

Hi Brian

I've been using your arm lift now for about 3 weeks now and its does exactly what its supposed to - every time! Nifty device that after you've used it for awhile you wonder how you ever managed without one.  One less worry in m life now, no more mad dashes! Plus it looks great on my Rega RP6!

sincerely....P. Legare

 Lift is both beautiful and functional; in short, it's perfection -- as is your service: super-speedy email responses, helpful tips for installation -- even before I asked for them -- and extra installation supplies in case I goofed. ;). It took me two viewings of your set-up video and five minutes of actual tinker time to yield success on the first try. Yay! The Lift works great...even if no batteries are included ;).

Warm regards,


Jay Z

I really appreciate the way you worked with a legacy table & arm nearly 30 years old & offered various combinations of height, weight & diameter until we got something that works every time. A pleasure. Thanks again


Jay was a GREAT customer willing to work with me to get him the right combination.
This is the Project LIFT a heavier head weight because of the placement of the LIFT




This LIFT is with a Black Spacer I made FREE


Thanks Mark
Here is a couple pics of the lift installed on my Thorens turntable with a SME 3009 S2 arm.
I had to make some modifications. I created my own black base. There was not enough room for a round base.




John F, and his Clearaudio Concept





Mark in Ca
Mark wanted a custom brass foot $25.
Looks very nice.



Paul in UK
Paul's video in UK



I recently purchased a Music Hall 7.1 turntable and it didn't take me long to decide I needed to find a way to automatically raise the tonearm at the end of a record.  I know there are several devices out there and after doing a little research, I decided to try the lift made by Expressimo Audio.  After getting some outstanding installation support from Brian at Expressimo, it was quick and easy to get the lift working brilliantly and I can now finally stop worrying about a stylus tragedy.  Thanks to Expressimo for developing such a great product!








Mike's SME tonearm with THE LIFT

Vincenzo VPI

David Thank you.
This is an older LIFT that was sold from the early 90 to 2010.



Gary , Has THE LIFT and the MOON WEIGHT .100 gm / .323 dia end stub


Pro Ject
The Lift sits really close to arm but it works flawlessly.
Because the arm tube is fat you need to have the center pin 1/4 inch above the record.

Music Hall