JELCO  9" & 10" inch arms and the JELCO 12"
Combo kits $199.95

Do not be confused with copy cat products out there Expressimo Audio is the master designer of tonearm and accessories.

JELCO 9" & 10"
Jelco Kit



JELCO 12"Kit
Jelco 12"

You get the Brass End Stub and One Half Moon Heavy Weight, You can pick the right weight for your cartridge
please email if you need help or call 603 745 3030

100 gm Half Moon Counter Weight, for 6 to 9 gm Cartridge. For tonearms 9" & 10" only

120 gm Half Moon Counter Weight, for 9 to 13 gm Cartridges for the 9", 10" and 12" 140 gm

140 / 160 gm Half Moon Counter Weight, 13 +  Cartridges for the 9", 10" and 12" 160 gm


This is a Direct Coupled End Stub that SOUNDS AMAZING ,, Blows away the stock rubber, plastic, loose end weight. NOT EVEN CLOSE !

What is heard is the opening of the sound stage. Instrument separation. Sound stage gets deeper. Sound stage becomes wider. The Harmonics of the Instruments sound REAL. These are the things you can accomplish with the Ultra Fine End Stub. The details of the MUSIC are in the ULTRA FINE ADJUSTMENT of VTF.

Lets talk about Rubber, rubber is a spring, energy goes in energy comes out. Jelco to manufacture a tonearm with a rubber End Stub / Plastic End Stub and a Sloppy Counter Weight is down right CRAZY. It sounds like MUDDY JUNK!

The moment you Listen to the Expressimo Audio Brass Direct coupled End Stub with the Half Moon Weight YOU WILL BE BLOWN AWAY BY THE SOUND.
That Simple.

Be the first ONE to have the BEST thing to hit the JELCO TONEARMS.
Expressimoaudio has been designing HIGH END arms like the GOLD MONGOOSE.
In our research to make the ultimate arm (our Mongoose tonearm) we developed an adjustable end stub. The next progression for the arm that put us on the map was to make a similar device for Rega and now the Jelco arms.

JELCO Lovers can dial your tracking force with just a 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or a full turn. You can HEAR .010 to .030 of a gram tracking force difference.
One full turn is .030 of a Gram

With the Half Moon Heavy Weight it is mind blowing.
You will hear more detail in the music.
Cleaner highs, sweeter mids, ,and deeper bass, Sound stage detail comes alive and a total harmonic balance.
That’s what the brass Half Moon Heavy Weight will do for you.
The Steel weight can not even come close to the sound you get from the Brass Half Moon Heavy Weight.

The Half Moon Heavy Weight was designed with two specifics in mind.
A lower mass weight and a linear design for more stability and neutral balance.
Giving the tonearm more neutral balance is key for more natural sounds.

The Half Moon Heavy Weight is made from solid brass with a brushed finish.
Designed with a Delrin insert for more of a sonic fit.
Has a Teflon tipped screw so it does not scratch the end stub.

Custom Half Moon Heavy Weights are available by special order. Email for pricing
Please email the precise measurement of your end stub using a micrometer.
Email with any questions or orders


How to remove plastic end stub

1. Twist the stock plastic end stub gently, it should break the contact cement bond.
There is a tab that needs to be pushed in and now you can pull the end stub back away from the arm, if it does not come easily- give it another gentle twist.
Turn arm upside down and with a 1. 5mm wrench unscrew the set screw 2 or 3 turns.
4. Now you can unscrew the silver screw that holds in the rubber piece that holds the plastic stub.
5. Gently but firmly screw in the brass stub making sure it is straight.
6. Tighten it as tight as you can BY HAND; do not use a pliers or other tool to tighten it.
7. Turn the end of the stub (the fine adjustment a full turn out).
8. Slide the Half Moon weight until you reach the “zero point” where your arm is static.
9. Adjust the moon weight to the suggested downward pressure.
10. Adjust the fine tune end of the stub until you “dial in” the ideal sound. You should be able to hear more micro dynamics and richer fuller bass when adjusted correctly.





Lets take time to listen to the old end stub and your old weight.
Listen to 3 or 5 records, ones you know. Listen to the sound stage, listen to how deep the sound stage is. Don’t listen to the front end of the music but listen to the backend,  The magic is in the sound stage. It is not in the front end, it is everywhere else.  THE 3 D SOUND! THE MAGIC IS IN THE DETAILS!  Now that you have the sound of your old end stub and weigh in your head. Lets work on getting the Expressimo Audio products installed.
Lets put on the same vinyl you listed too

Gently, very gently lock the 2 nuts.
They should move together and be snug NOT TIGHT.
Never leave them LOOSE.
Now look at your cartridge Instructions and see what the tracking force is.
1.7 to 1.5
Now set the main Heavy Weight to 1.6 .
Now unscrew a Half turn and listen. Do it again ,as you unscrew the 2 nuts you will notice the sound stage becomes more open LEFT and RIGHT and DEEPER. GREATER Separation of instruments. Now Stop and listen for awhile.
Screw in half turn and make sure your happy.
If not keep unscrewing until you find the MAGIC POINT. There is a point.
If you go to far you will find there is too much air. Her voice is too big ( too much air) . Then turn it back in. I like to go too far then dial it back.
It is always good to go to far, so you can hear it an understand the 2 sounds. .
Moving it 1.590 / 1.580 / 1.570 / 1.560 and so on.
Expressimoaudio gives YOU the Power to Dial your Tracking force truly in, like a HIGH END Tonearm ON THE FLY.

Key points: The heavier the tracking force the more bass and centered it will be. The Lighter the tracking force the more HIGHS and wider sound stage.  The happy point is dialing it in so you get BOTH.

Last point: when your happy with the sound always reweigh the tracking force so you can go back to that weight.

Please email pictures and I will post you up on my site.

Customers reviews Below

Charlie in NY, LOVES the Brass End Stub and Moon Weight

Mikes AQ PT-9 Tonearm

Now Expressimo audios Beautiful Brass End Stub with
Ultra fine VTF Adjustment and Half Moon Counter Weight.
Directly Coupled to tonearm.

EAR CANDY and EYE CANDY for sure.


What MIKE said.
First email back to me

much better presentation and sound stage overall. Bass is more defined and not  bloated on some notes on bottom end (with subwoffer!), mids are similar -  perhaps slightly smoothed out (difficult to say as played lots of metal on first night),  highs are extend and cleaned up without being fatiguing. Overall probably the best upgrade on the system for under $500 I've done.   

Second email

mids too, when the tunes are not as thick as metal -

James Brown sounds like he's in my living room
Wayne shorter's sax's never sounded as awesome



This Picture here shows you just how close the Moon Weight comes to Anti Skate Knob



We are sure enjoying it, I think it looks and more importantly, sounds great.  Two of my records I used when tuning it were Steely Dan's Katy Lied and Hawkwind Warrior on The Edge of Time.  There's a lot of potentially harsh or brittle high frequency on the Hawkwind album and this arm with the Expressimo Audio Moon Weight made fine tuning seem more forgiving to me.  The Steely Dan album of course is fairly complex and it is such a pleasure to listen to, hearing all the instrumentation seemingly more separated to my ears.  It's a lovely piece of metal for sure!



Tod Thank you again for the Pic


Hi, Brian,

Just want to let you know that the package arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, I had to work on a separate project in the garage and did not have chance to try it out until now. First, It was a great pleasure to remove the saggy stock stub. In my case, the previous owner might have tried something silly, the thread was dull and difficult to even get old screw out. I did not dare to risk a perfect machined new stub, so I re-threaded the screw hole with M4x70 tap. The new stub went in smoothly. Nice job on the precision! I was staring at it for quite a moment and almost forgot to take pictures. The counterweight was installed like a charm and arm was balanced perfectly; love the fine tune dial! I am currently running the Ortofon 2M Black, set the VTF at 1.5 gram. Man, what a nice craftsmanship you got there. It is almost like an art piece. Wish I had better photo skill to snapshot what I have seen.

 It sounds even better than it looks. Put the first record on - Grover Washington, Jr's "Time Out Of Mind". A much improved bass, drum is solid and punch. The saxophone stands out and feels so alive. Comparing with the old setup, it provides the music with strong determination and great clarify.

 I had been tempting to upgrade the arm before and I am now so glad I went this route. It is a huge improvement without putting a hole in my wallet.

 As for the pulley, I have not installed it. Partly because of the busy weekend, but mostly I feel like I now have an almost perfect system. The speed is dead on according to the KAB. Until I get a speed control, I really don't want to mess it up.

 Anyway, I want to thank you for your professional work and A+ service. Music gets better when someone like you put the mind and heart in it!

Before the upgrade. It even looks bent from the rubber stub. The sound is Closed, Muffled, Muddy Unclear and as a big Vail over the music.
YUCK !!!!!


The Expressimo Audio Brass End Stub with Fine VTF Adjustment.


Looking Straight and BEAUTIFUL !! The End Stub now is Directly Coupled to the arm Lifting the VAIL OFF THE MUSIC.

Now the Half Moon Heavy Weight 120 grams
The sound is amazing, it would take Thousands of dollars to even come close to this sound.
With the Fine VTF adjustment t you can dial you VTF in PERFECTLY !!!




Beautiful TT