$99.95 + s/h
Direct replacement for the stock weights.

Pro-Ject RPM 1 Carbon , 120 gm End Stub Dia. .315

Pro-Ject Xpression Carbon, 100 gm  End Stub .354

Pro-Ject XTension 10, 100 gm  End Stub .354

Project 9.1 120gm End Stub .344

Pro-Ject 9cc Evolution  100 gm End Stub .354
This arm has 3 nipples you push down from top. Use a tooth pick, or push pin.

Please email me you size weight and I will tell you how to buy with PayPal

You will hear more detail in the music.
Cleaner highs, sweeter mids, ,and deep clean bass, sound stage detail comes alive with total harmonic balance.
You will hear a 3D sound Stage.
Thatís what the brass Half Moon Heavy Weight will do for you.
The Half Moon Heavy Weight is coupled directly to the end stub.
The Steel weight on these Pro-Ject can not even come close to the sound you get from the Brass Half Moon Heavy Weight.


Further Fantastic Upgrades ( I Didn't Know I Needed )!
Positive Feedback review by Gary Beard


The Half Moon Heavy Weight was designed with two specifics in mind.
A lower mass weight and a linear design for more stability and neutral balance.
Giving the tonearm more neutral balance is key for more natural sounds.

The Half Moon Heavy Weight is made from solid brass with a brushed finish.
Designed with a Delrin insert for more of a sonic fit.
Has a Teflon tipped screw so it does not scratch the end stub.


Custom Half Moon Heavy Weights are available by special order. Email for pricing
Please email the precise measurement of your end stub using a micrometer.
Email with any questions or orders

Debut Pictures



Further Fantastic Upgrades ( I Didn't Know I Needed )!
Positive Feedback review by Gary Beard

Gary , Has THE LIFT and the MOON WEIGHT .100 gm / .323 dia end stub
I used your advice and used a push pin. My arm has 3 holes in the top too.
It was really simple. Just make sure the nipples don't fly off and get lost! 
I even reinserted one just to make sure it would work if I ever needed to put the old weight back on.




My English not so good & I'm not a sound specialist, just music lover (at my 61 ) ,if something... correct my writing.
"After installing Half Moon Weight on my Music Hall mmf 7.1 with "Goldring 2400 I'm really got wider sound stage,better separates & I never hear DRUM
sound so deep & natural as today. Mmf 7.1 is a "Killer" now ! Many thanks
for your business ! Sergey "


100 gm Half Moon Weight

Kevin's Video of the LIFT


Customer Steve had a cartridge with Low Compliance 12.
Low Compliance 12 cartridge belong on a heavy arm.
Carbon Fiber very light arm with a Effective mass of 8 to 9
The way Expressimo Audio over comes this is
add a little 2 gm weight at the head shell and a Heavier Half Moon Weight  100 gm.
Pro-Ject 9cc Evolution

Hey Brian :)

=Wow Ö.WOW !!  Got the resonance to  10.82hz  it sounds AMAZING, I did increase the headshell weight   +2g  and decreased the tracking weight to 1.86g  the tracking range for that cartridge is 2.2g - 1.8g I'm playing an original Led Zeppelin II  Master Disk right now. The last two days I've been playing one disk after another.  I can't thank you enough for your help :):):) .  Here's an iPhone pic, I'll send you a couple of better pics taken with my DLSR in the next couple of days. Thank You Again !

You're the BEST !!