"> The Brass Tonearm Lift  for DEBUT Pro
Mini Tonearm Lift
for Debut Pro-Ject / Music Hall / Rega and other Turntables.

You need a Minimum height of 3/4" from the Plinth to top of Record.



This is a MUST HAVE!!!
If you ever got up out of the Sweet Spot or just fell asleep.
Or enjoy Dinner party's and
listen to MUSIC while eating or just FORGET .
This is a PRODUCT for YOU.
 It will SAVE your Cartridge ( Stylus ).
The LAST GROOVE is NOT a GOOD Place for your Stylus !!

When you receive THE LIFT it will come with a SMALL Allen Wrench and 3 Small Velcro strips and a square piece of double sided tape.
Peel one side of the double sided tape, stick to the under side of LIFT ( foot ), take a pair of Scissors and cut around the LIFT bottom. Please take a look at picture for installing the Velcro strips.

THE LIFT is made out of solid brass.
You need a Minimum height of 3/4" from the Plinth to top of Record.
The range of the Mini is 3/4" to 1.250 Tall
With a Spacer under the LIFT you can use it on any size platter. Please email me I will make you a Black Delrin Spacer.

The Pro-Ject Lifting power is 4.3 to 5.2 grams

Please email with any questions I email back ASAP



Video Instructions


Setup time 7 mins

THE LIFT in Play  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqbNz5l-zrs


The Lift is adjustable for, Tall Platters and for different arm tubes and cartridge weights.
Foot Stand and Head adjustment made simple.

Kevin's Video of the LIFT

 Chucks Video Project Debut Carbon

Paul's video in UK


Hi Guys if you have the Project with very little room like this one, Please email me first
This is a Modified foot for the LIFT so it will fit in between the arm and platter.

Sam in Toronto